We understand the importance of tackling discrimination and promoting equality between different groups of people, whilst addressing the diverse needs of individuals. That is why SCW is working hard to develop an inclusive culture where everyone is treated with dignity and respect. Diversity is important to us because different perspectives, ideas, backgrounds, opinions and knowledge create a unique strength for our organisation; better enabling us to support and understand our customers and their stakeholders.

At SCW we are committed to:

  • recruiting, retaining and developing our workforce, making us a diverse range of people with knowledge of, and a commitment to, equality and human rights
  • positively welcoming differences and diverse thinking, actively encouraging each other to use our individual talents in the delivery of our services
  • nurturing our existing partnerships and fostering new ones to deliver service excellence and promote equality, human rights and inclusion throughout our business
  • encouraging each other to analyse and understand the implications of equality and human rights in our work
  • supporting our staff to develop behaviours that promote a positive and inclusive workplace culture, so that everyone feels valued.

We want SCW – and our customers – to improve access to employment opportunities; to support continuing improvements in the quality of health services; and to improve the experiences of everyone who comes into contact with the NHS, irrespective of who they are.

Workforce Race Equality Standard (WRES)

Executive Management Team Commitment Equality, Diversity and Inclusion

NHS England has decided to take system-wide action to counter growing research evidence which suggests that less favourable treatment of Black and Minority Ethnic staff in the NHS through poorer treatment or opportunities has significant impact on the efficient and effective running of the NHS. In April 2015 NHS England introduced a workforce race equality standard (WRES) across all NHS organisations and included it in the NHS standard contract.

SCW has committed to paying due regard to the WRES and plans to use it as a catalyst to bring about continuous improvements in its performance both as an employer and a commissioning support service provider.

We produced our first WRES report in September 2016 and based on the evidence we found, have drawn up an initial action plan to improve performance against WRES indicators. SCW aims to develop collaborative approaches, with the NHS organisations that it serves, to tackle race inequality across the region. 

SCW recognises the potential to play a pivotal role in making a difference in delivering race equality across our region and we understand the importance of leading by example. This statement is about SCW’s commitment to ensure that no one in SCW is treated less favourably or is denied opportunities on the grounds of their race. This is important to our business and the efficient and effective operations of all NHS organisations.

Details of the WRES Board briefing can be found here.