Can you build a resilient and sustainable organisation in 100 days?

To help you adapt and meet your challenges, we offer solutions in five priority areas.

Across all elements of the NHS there are examples of both providers and commissioners in severe financial stress, with trusts and clinical commissioning groups forecasting potential deficits of £750 to £850million and £550million respectively at financial year end 2016/17.

While contingency funding may ensure that providers and commissioners do not carry forward significant debts into the future, providers need to build a solid base for financial and performance resilience and sustainability to deliver the system reform required by the Five Year Forward View. 

SCW can support commissioning organisations in turning around major performance problems and systems in crisis. Our experienced staff can work alongside provider and CCG teams, adding a breadth and depth of expertise in operations management, business intelligence, contract management, and strategic planning. We can quickly develop effective working relationships, provide positive support, critical challenge and share good practice.

Quality Innovation Productivity and Prevention (QIPP) Schemes

SCW’s experience in QIPP planning has taught us that CCGs in difficulty could face a number of issues surrounding their QIPP plans and this has given us insight into the capacity and capability that is required and the challenges that will be faced. Key issues include:

• Gaps in QIPP plans that mean the CCG financial plans are in jeopardy
• Plans that are either over or under optimistic about the level of savings
• Risks to delivery and the speed of delivery
• Plans and schemes that lack clinical sponsorship
• Plans that are unclear or not specific about what is being proposed and where savings will accrue
• Plans that double or triple-count savings 
• Plans that do not adopt good practice
• Plans that ignore QIPP opportunities.

SCW’s Sustainability and Recovery Service is coordinated by a single Programme Management Office (PMO) with access to a wide range of resources to enable and support engagement, mobilisation and delivery at local, regional and national level. 
Each delivery team is led by an experienced Resilience/Turnaround Director, from within SCW or one of our partners, procured via a Sustainability Dynamic Purchasing System (DPS). The Resilience Director is supported by a Programme Manager and subject matter experts who have access to a comprehensive library of processes, documents and tools that have been built over years of managing similar projects, as well as support from subject matter experts.

Sustainability and Recovery programme outline

Stage 1 - Diagnostics and insight

After an initial discussion with you, our experienced team will conduct a thorough diagnostic assessment to pinpoint areas of difficulty, root causes and identify sustainable solutions.

To ensure a comprehensive and accurate diagnosis of health-system challenges, we use a diagnostic process that uses extensive business intelligence.

We use RightCare opportunity mapping to identify priority programme areas to improve population healthcare by identifying unwarranted variation between demographically similar populations. We also take a ‘menu of opportunities’ approach to interrogate data on how effectively the organisation might have established initiatives such as admissions avoidance or reducing emergency admissions. 

Stage 2 - Delivery 

We will implement a delivery plan that will focus on high-impact changes and quick wins alongside longer term assessments of how resilience and sustainability can be embedded into your organisation. We ensure that, when we stop working for your organisation, we leave you with a clear map of the next steps, lessons learned and how you can drive the strategic development of you organisation or system. All of our customers are different and we will tailor our services to your needs. We do, however, work on a gateway process of a maximum of 100 days for fast, focussed and effective results.


SCWs structured approach offers assurance that your objectives will be met and rapid progress can be made to ensure you secure maximum value for money.

For more information, contact Louise Tranmer, Director leading our work on sustainability. 

Director of Transformation