Developing new care systems and organisations to support STPs and Accountable Care Systems

How SCW can support STP systems in the ongoing development and implementation of their plans.

Sustainability and Transformation Partnerships (STPs), Accountable Care Systems and Accountable Care Organisations are at the heart of NHS Chief Executive Officer Simon Stevens’s approach and the current challenge is to develop and implement detailed plans which will deliver these programmes of transformational change.

To ensure that the Next Steps delivers its promises, it needs to be seen as a plan not just for the NHS but also for social care colleagues whose involvement will be an essential factor in successfully delivering change. It requires a new way of joined up working that places the needs of the individual at the centre.

As part of the NHS family and with a range of relevant expertise, SCW is ideally positioned to support STP systems in the ongoing development and implementation of their plans. SCW’s areas of support include:

STP Accountable care

SCW has been supporting work in the Frimley area to develop their new Accountable Care System and is working with a number of other STPs to refine their plans.

In partnership with Rubicon Healthcare, SCW has been commissioned by Buckinghamshire and Frimley STP to develop an activity and finance modelling tool to map future services and assess the impact of a range of scenarios.

Using our knowledge of commissioning data, we provided a suite of evidence and benchmarking resources to support our customer in developing their assumptions, giving insight into the critical questions commissioners needed to answer. We also provided a range of financial models relevant to each scenario, providing a commissioner, provider and taxpayer view of the whole system.

The model can be used to support the planning and investment in services to meet the needs of local people across the whole health and social care system, and enable the modelling of evidence-based interventions.

“The whole health and social care system activity and financial model to support the Vanguard allows us to understand in considerable detail the impact of ‘doing nothing’ on the affordability of health and care across
our local system. It also clearly demonstrates the potential impact of changes under our new models of care in a series of ‘change scenarios." Roshan Patel | Chief Finance Officer, North East Hampshire & Farnham CCG

SCW is the first CSU in the country to achieve a nationally approved Information Governance (IG) solution to enable data integration across STPs, ACOs and vanguards.

NHS Digital and IGuard have approved our technical solution and accompanying IG framework for integrating data without the need for the DSCRO. The new solution enables links between secondary care, GP and social care data, using encryption methods that uphold IG requirements. The new IG framework and technical solution enables data sharing and, where a direct clinical care need is identified and clinically appropriate, a process to re-identify patient-specific pseudonomised data from both acute care and GPs.

The data sharing solution provides shared information for all STP partners to view and use to support system-wide analytics, population health management and service planning.

In Bristol, North Somerset and South Gloucestershire, SCW has played an evolving role in supporting the development of the STP, including providing director-level support during the development of the plan; digital subject matter expertise in the development of the Local Digital Roadmap; and programme and project management support in the development and delivery of the STP programme management office and projects.  

For more information on our new care systems support contact Richard Smale, Director leading our work in developing new organisational models.

Associate Director of Transformation