Enabling change through technology

Being able to access the right data and information at the right time is critical for transformation and to deliver optimal care. Explore the latest interoperability case studies and the impact this work is having.

“Data sharing across multiple settings is essential to supporting coordinated care and realising the full benefits of technology in health care” Andrew Fenton, Associate Director of Digital Transformation, SCW

We helped Connecting Care, delivered by a partnership of 17 organisations across Bristol, to ensure that health and social care professionals directly involved in care of an individual can access a summary of medical records, to manage care better and allow information to be shared quickly and safely.  The Care and Health Information Exchange (CHIE) helped transform Hampshire and the Isle of Wight’s electronic health and social care record system, comprising 87 million documents. Similar work with the Oxfordshire Care Summary is seen by Oxfordshire GPs as ‘the most important IT project in the County’, ensuring that clinicians have access to the data they need when they need it. By supporting Join up Your Information in Gloucestershire, we’ve helped make care safer and more cost-effective. And our involvement in the recent launch of Connected Care in Berkshire now gives 12,000 health and care professionals access to the data they need.

Digital transformation is a key enabler in implementing the Five Year Forward View and there are a number of significant areas where digital capability is making a difference to delivering integrated health and care. SCW is supporting customers with their digital capability across a wide range of areas.

Being able to access the right data and information at the right time is critical to enabling transformation and delivering optimal care. Successfully implementing an interoperability programme will inevitably provide better information at the point of care, improve the speed and quality of decision-making and the quality of care delivered, reduce unnecessary referrals and admissions and help your clinicians to offer the most appropriate treatments.

Our experience of developing and deploying five major integrated care record and interoperability programmes across the south of England, means that we are able to provide expert advice and implementation support to systems across the full range of the programme cycle. Read the case studies for each in full below:

Associate Director, Digital Transformation