Help NHSX design the Tech Plan for health and social care

NHSX Techplan

NHSX is launching an opportunity for the health and care system, staff and citizens to engage on the national ‘Tech Plan’ for health and social care.

When NHSX landed just over seven months ago, it set out five missions to digitally transform the health and care system.  At the heart of these is a commitment to get the technology right and in doing so help to deliver a sustainable service in the face of rising demand, costs and expectations. Getting it right has huge potential to improve outcomes, productivity, and the experience of patients, people in care,and staff. The opportunities to improve health and care are almost endless.


For too many staff and citizens this vision feels impossibly distant, but achieving it is why NHSX was set up. And it is why NHSX is starting to engage with organisations across the health and care system, as well as staff and citizens to give everyone the opportunity to have their say on how technology is used to transform health and social care.


The engagement is planned to take place over five phases, that will last into the summer, when the Tech Plan will be launched. It will take inspiration from health and care providers across the country that are already bringing together people, technology and infrastructure to transform care for patients.

Launching the engagement of the Tech Plan, NHSX CEO, Matthew Gould said: “ The challenge is to not just produce digital versions of existing processes, but to reimagine every clinical pathway, every process, every role and every assumption we make about how the NHS works.   

Getting this right has huge potential to improve patient outcomes, the experience of patients and staff and productivity. The opportunities to improve care are almost endless”.

Matt Hancock, Secretary of State for Health and Social Care said: “To reshape our health service we must harness the resources that the modern world can offer us. We can now fix many historic problems by bringing the technology of the health and care system into the twenty-first century. The Tech Plan for health and care, will set out what we’re actually going to do over the next five years and we want to work across the system to create this plan together, because we at the centre do not have all the answers”

Over the next few months, NHSX will be publishing information in phases as the plan is developed, asking for views to help shape each phase along the way.

Have your say on the Tech Plan,  You can currently read the vision, mission and values, take part in  polls and surveys and share examples of good practice.

Director of Digital Transformation (Tweet @Andy_Kinnear)