Is your practice feeling the strain?


Are you considering a practice merger?

Sustainable and resilient General Practice is fundamental if the opportunities in the Long Term Plan are to be achieved.  General practices up and down the country are under significant strain and are bearing the brunt of pressures to meet increasing and changing health needs.

If yours is one of the many practices feeling the strain - what is the right solution for you? For some working collaboratively across a PCN will provide the resilience needed, for others additional solutions may be required.

Alongside the development of PCNs, SCW continues to support practices wanting to explore the benefits of practice mergers.  We support mergers, from initial exploratory meetings through to working with the practices to agree the principles from which to develop and build the merged organisation.  

As you would expect, there is no one-size fits all approach.  At SCW we work flexibly to develop an individual approach that best suits the needs and circumstances of the practices we are working with.  

Through a series of workshops and using diagnostic tools, we test a range of questions and scenarios to understand the issues faced by the practices and support the development of a merger strategy and operational plan.  We explore each step required from initial concept through to the delivery of a newly merged practice including;

  • Understanding any red lines;

  • Creating a vision;

  • Developing an approach to terms and conditions, structures, buildings, staffing and workload.

With a practice merger comes the opportunity/requirement to start to think in a different way.  This will allow all practices to re-think their current delivery models as they come together; developing new ways of working to meet the challenges that are here and now and enable sustainability in what is a very challenging environment. 

There are many options to explore and we bring our wealth of experience in supporting General Practice mergers, along with our work within Primary Care Networks and GP federations. We convert the outputs of the workshop discussions into an agreed set of principles (heads of terms) that your legal advisers can convert to a partnership agreement to allow the merged practice to progress as planned.

Our support ensures a business ready outcome and ensures a solid platform from which the organisation can develop.


Are you considering a practice merger?

Do you simply want more information on what a merger would entail?

Do you have unanswered questions about the implications of merger? 

We have a highly successful track record in establishing, practice mergers, GP federations and companies. We draw upon best practice utilising a number of unique approaches within our work. Our process-led approach is combined with strong implementation to secure remarkable outcomes for our customers.  

For more information on how we can help you, or to set up an initial exploratory meeting, please contact: Alison Westmacott at SCW

Director of Primary Care