SCW is a values driven organisation and looks for staff whose values match ours. Our values are Patients First, Aspirational, Collaborative, Insightful and Respectful. You will see these reflected throughout our selection and on-boarding process, and we will be looking for potential employees to demonstrate these to us during their recruitment.

Patients First Value

Patients First

Our key inspiration is to make a difference to patients, service users and communities by delivering effective services to improve patient care, treatment and experience.

Aspirational Value


SCW people aspire to exceed expectations, deliver excellence, drive innovation and be the best in our sector for the benefit of our customers and patients.

Collaborative Value


We work hard to build and maintain close relationships with our customers and partners. We value the importance of working towards a shared goal and focussing on its delivery.

Insightful Value


As experts in our fields, we understand the bigger picture and its complexities, we challenge convention, and we uncover opportunities.

Respectful Value


We treat everyone with respect and hope it will be returned. Recognising and valuing their knowledge, we involve our customers, teams and partners in decisions.