We believe passionately in five core values that define everything we do, why we do it and what we expect of our people. These are embedded not in only our culture, but also at the very core of our recruitment and recognition processes.  

Here is an overview of Our Values and what they mean to our people.

Patients First Value

Patients First    (making a difference)

Our key inspiration is to make a difference to patients, service users and communities by delivering effective services to improve patient care, treatment and experience.

Aspirational Value

Aspirational       (delivering excellence)

SCW people aspire to exceed expectations, deliver excellence, drive innovation and be the best in our sector for the benefit of our customers and patients.

Collaborative Value

Collaborative  (achieving shared goals)

We work hard to build and maintain close relationships with our customers and partners. We value the importance of working towards a shared goal and focussing on its delivery.

Insightful Value

Insightful       (challenging convention)

As experts in our fields, we understand the bigger picture and its complexities, we challenge convention, and we uncover opportunities.

Respectful Value

Respectful      (treating others with respect)

We treat everyone with respect and hope it will be returned. Recognising and valuing their knowledge, we involve our customers, teams and partners in decisions.

How we use them

We think these five values are critical to finding and developing future talent and creating a welcoming culture. We do this using a Values Behaviour Recruitment (VBR) approach which consists of the following elements: 

Values Based Behaviour Framework

This gives examples of behaviours which do and do not align with the NHS and SCW values and we tie this into both our interview and regular appraisal and one to one processes. Managers will also look to see these values demonstrated throughout your employment.  

Our offer to you (SCW’s Employee Value Proposition)

This outlines every aspect of the SCW employment experience, beyond the benefits and rewards on offer, for prospective employees. This is included with all our NHS Job adverts - you can access a copy here.

Values based Job Description and Person Specification template

This puts SCW values at the heart of the roles we promote and include a front sheet, which is designed to give a snapshot of the role, making it easier for job seekers to get a feel for the role and working here. 

Welcome booklet  

All new SCW employees receive a welcome booklet with their offer letter. This supports the joining / new starter on boarding process, answers new employee’s questions and provides a snapshot of the way we do things at SCW and what to expect as part of their induction.

New Starters Survey

The New Starters Survey is sent to new employees capturing new starter’s feedback - enabling us to continually improve our recruitment,  onboarding  and induction processes. This is how we are measuring and evaluating the impact of our values-based approach.

Recognition schemes

We are proud to recognise and celebrate those who live and breathe our values. These are recognised through two schemes - the Values Award and The Hummingbird Award. You can find out more about them here.