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Managing a multi-agency project to improve urgent care

Securing and allocating urgent-care funding enabling achievement of four hour A&E targets and increasing capacity to provide 9,000 more doctor hours, 6,900 more nurse hours and 6,600 more support hours.

Hands Cancer Care

Cancer data analysis in the West Midlands

Developing a suite of cancer data analysis tools using data from multiple sources.


National programme to tackle significant unidentified gaps in CCG QIPP plans

Supporting 70 CCG customers at risk of not deliverying their QIPP plans to make savings.


Creating the pioneering national Patient Safety Measurement Unit

Is health care getting safer?


Targetted investment in recruiting returner doctors pilot

Encouraging an initial group of 20 returning and new doctors to relocate to practices in hard to recruit areas.


Every community contact counts

Supporting communities to deliver person-centred care.


HealthGIS CareMap

Using Geographical Information Systems (GIS) to inform Sustainability and Transformation Plans (STPs).


Deep dive reporting

Evidencing low Ambulatory Care Sensitive conditions in the south east and ensuring the right type of care was received by patients.

Health worker with patient

Risk stratification tools

Improving the process of identifying and managing high-risk patients


Implementing the NHS Patient Safety Thermometer

Providing hosting services for the classic and next generation safety thermometers and the full range of support services for the patient safety thermometers


Integrated Diabetes Information Project

Creating a diabetes dashboard to create a single, joined up diabetes service across Oxfordshire.


Analytics for system planning, assurance and evaluation in the Somerset health system

Facilitating the development of a more appropriate integrated care system in the region

Jazzy futuristic squirrel

Supporting interoperability programmes across the south of England

Developing five major integrated care record and interoperabilty programmes

Our Staff 7 Thumb

Skills self-assessment system

An online platform for collection, storage, collation and presentation of skills self -assessment data for individual users, departments and organisations.


Reinvigorating an organisation

Updating the existing organisational plan to support Southampton CCG’s future development.

Surrey downs

Surrey Downs Community Hospital Consultation

Using Geographic Information Systems (GIS) to help determine optimum service configurations.

Medical Icons

Developing logic models for Primary and Acute Care Systems (PACS) Vanguards

Understanding how programme aims achieve outcomes - to enable evaluation and monitoring

Waiting Room

NHS Health Checks Dashboard

Creating a contract management tool for practices across Oxfordshire.