I was hugely encouraged and I think you have done a great job of thinking through the key issues. I was especially pleased to see the thoughtful approach to different levels of measurement (national, regional, local etc) and how we will need different kinds of measures for different purposes; similarly, the attention to different kinds of analytic work and evaluation was great. I also very much like the clear implication that part of the role of the unit is to think about what safety measurement and monitoring should look like, how it will relate to other measures and so on. I really hope the unit will provide much needed leadership in this area. Charles Vincent

Since its inception we (UCLPartners) have found members of the (Patient Safety Measurement Unit (PSMU) to be receptive and responsive to our views and queries and also supportive in relation to specific measurement and data queries we have had around safety. They have been instrumental in supporting the development of patient safety metrics bringing a wealth of knowledge that was needed. Catherine Dale, Programme Director - Patient Safety and Patient Experience, Health Innovation Network

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