I am delighted to have commissioned and published this analysis. The first step towards improvement is to understand what you need to change; this report is a position statement on ambulatory care sensitive admissions for the region and, as with all the best analysis, will prompt you to ask more probing questions and discuss further what action can be taken in your locality. The analysis presented in this report, alongside the associated analytical tool, provides authoritative, detailed information on emergency hospital admissions for ambulatory care sensitive conditions. The report also highlights areas of good practice from which lessons can be learned. I hope to see this spread across the region, shaping strong support and learning networks between peers. I trust that this report will support the spread of existing best practice, and help commissioners and providers to work better to deliver the transformation of health and care services that is needed to ensure that people living in Kent and Medway, Surrey and Sussex receive consistently high quality care when and where they need it. Guy Boersma – Managing Director of Kent, Surrey and Sussex AHSN

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