"The rollout of the IT transition for Guildford and Waverley CCG, was in my opinion , one of the smoothest transitions that I have ever observed! Clearly there was significant upfront time and investment from all parties in understanding the localisms of the CCG and how these might be affected during the transition. In particular, for the Business Intelligence arm of the CCG, this is highly dependent upon the IT infrastructure, and there was a seamless continuity of service from day one of the transition for myself and all my team. I can already see the benefits that this new contract and partners will bring to our organisation and I want to thank everyone involved in making this happen so effortlessly." David Howell - Head of Performance and Information, Guilford & Waverley CCG

“Am really pleased with the build we have on our PCs. So, so, so much better – I can run things, find things, manage things much better than before and Skype will be an added benefit for quick comms and remote working. The team managed issues really quickly and were very helpful, friendly and approachable. I can’t imagine what happened over the weekend but it clearly worked. Thank you – got a positive feeling today” Lisa Topper, Performance Analyst, Business Intelligence, Guilford and Waverley CCG

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