At the highest level:I've seen and discharged 16 patients,I am actively working with 29 patients,I have three new patients booked in, I have six referrals awaiting an appointment, I have developed social prescriptions which included prescribing all sorts of things - meals/food, exercise, counselling, social activities, transport, befriending, voluntary work (for the patient), bereavement services, coffee mornings/lunches, religious services, referral to occupational health, meditation, Citizen's Advice, elderly care charity signposting, child care/holiday activities, take a break for carers, shop mobility, personal alarm systems, cleaners and domestic help, singing, care home visits, Al-Anon (relatives of alcoholics, etc). We have received some wonderful feedback. Two ladies discharged yesterday who feel their lives are back on track and are both getting out socialising again and making friends, a blind lady who is so much happier and says I've transformed her life, a gentleman today who cares for his wife with dementia that can see a way forward and things they can do to make life easier. All in all huge job satisfaction for me and truly making an impact with our patients!

Dr Sam Hullah, Mosaic Healthcare’s Clinical Director, commented that both surgeries have noticed the immediate positive impact social prescribing has had for approaching 50 patients in just a matter of a few weeks. Many of these patients have had 2 or 3 contacts with Sarah, and as a result have not been seen by a GP, freeing up valuable time for us whilst giving the patients prompt access to the services they need.