Many customers are experiencing severe financial challenges with the need to achieve a grip on their performance and drive cost efficiency. There is an urgent need to make the current system work as effectively as possible by optimising performance and driving efficient working and cost savings. Access to health and care data that gives you the insight and information to oversee system performance and identify opportunities to improve quality of care will be vital to deliver the savings needed. SCW can support you in achieving this insight and grip.

Understanding your situation

Creating one version of the truth is crucial and this will need data integration and shared intelligence. We provide the intelligence you need to understand your current situation, plan for the future and to make informed decisions for your patients and populations. We work at multiple levels in the system, supporting leaders to plan, manage and evaluate change, developing person-centred care models, driving digital integration, and piloting innovative approaches to system-wide ways of working.

New ways of contracting

Through our deep experience of commissioning we can work with you to ensure the contractual framework you are operating incentivises the right behaviours. The development of outcomes based and aligned contracts will be an evolutionary process, but immediate actions to negate those incentives in existing contracts that elicit behaviours that are contrary to your strategic goals would be a priority.

As systems move towards a new aligned and integrated world your success in moving to new ways of working will significantly depend on being able to insert the right incentives into the care system and commissioning services in the optimum way. This will be critical in driving the real and sustainable quality improvements needed.

We can help you to take delivery to a new level where there’s true joint accountability for performance and one version of the truth, enabled by data.  This has to be a careful, thoughtful evolution.  It’s very different to the commissioning of the past where the focus was on specifying contracts, routine tendering and negotiation and monitoring.

Instead, there’ll be a need to focus attention on defining and measuring outcomes – shifting the emphasis away from secondary care activity towards prevention and effective management of long-term conditions. We can work with you to define appropriate and aligned incentives so that providers will be able to deliver these outcomes in the context of capitated budgets – and ensure that the right things are being measured.  We have co-produced new contract models that align objectives and incentives with system-wide priorities and we are supporting a number of systems to drive efficiency and harness the collective potential of all partners in the system by transitioning to outcomes-based contracts. As these new ways of working develop there will be a need to focus on longer term contracts - five to ten years potentially. And, to support and enable it all, and manage risk, it will be important to get the governance aspects exactly right, something that we can support you with.

This can yield powerful results; more certain delivery of outcomes and lower transaction costs. It also means that resources can be freed up to invest in improving health and care across the system.

We demonstrate our understanding of contractual models, performance frameworks, outcome measures and insights as lead CSU for NHS England’s National QIPP Delivery Programme. The programme supports a number of high risk CCGs to deliver sustainable solutions to achieve their financial control totals and provides assurance of the robustness and deliverability of the QIPP plans.

Case studies

Delivering change