In line with the quadruple aim of better health, better care, better value, and valued and equipped staff, systems need to provide holistic person-centred care. They need to empower people to remain independent and well for as long as possible and, when they need care, ensure it is easy to access and well-co-ordinated across every care setting.

Current working practices demonstrate this is hampered in some areas by operational pressures and resource constraints, which requires more than simply working harder. It requires developing new ways of working and new models of care to meet the rising demand and enable care to be effectively delivered in the home, the community and hospital, to best meet individual needs. In parallel, there needs to be a focus on preventing ill health by working with local authorities and other agencies to promote health and wellbeing, tackle risk factors and reduce health inequalities.

How we can help you

For each of the care specialties, we use our Principal Consultant subject matter expert lead and blended team approach to:

  • Harness the power of the community to co-design and deliver care model transformation.
  • Work alongside you, drawing on our diverse skill mix, change management and clinical expertise, to support the co-creation of innovative solutions.
  • Support the design and implementation of new models of care through behavioural change, communications and engagement.
  • Draw on whole system approaches to integrated solutions, using population segmentation and clinical variation data to inform change.
  • Develop scenario modelling to influence change, evaluate impact and enable confident long term investment decisions.
  • Undertake clinical effectiveness and best practice reviews to enable evidence based decision making.
  • Reflect co-morbidity and multi-factorial influences on the health of a population in the design of care models.
  • Support clinicians and patients navigate to care pathways with digital and call-centre based solutions.
  • Create capacity and capability to design and deliver transformational change programmes.
  • Leverage our skills and experience to support the creation and development of Networks.

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