Providing analysis and insight for a defined population enables you to develop a shared understanding to deliver evidence-based, intelligence driven, system decision making. Our System Insight and Management offer provides you with data analysis to enable you to manage your system, assess how it’s performing, and use population health management processes to achieve overall system effectiveness.

What we offer

Creating insight and understanding

Using our population health management tools, SCW’s analytics team provide a whole-system view to help target resources effectively on appropriate patient cohorts. Our experts can work with you to understand how you are operating currently, help you to understand where you would like to be in the future, and analyse how you will get there.

Understanding what people need

To continue providing high-quality services in a financially sustainable way, health and care systems must clearly understand patterns of demand, activity and cost.

Our team of professional analysts use advanced segmentation and statistical analysis techniques to give you, as system leaders, insight into population needs, system performance, health outcomes, resource utilisation, costs and how they change over time. Our integrated data architecture will ensure you receive a single version of the truth and our system information governance ensures data is shared safely, securely and legally.

Case studies