SCW can support you with the operational development and delivery required for creating new systems and organisations.

Our System and Organisational Development offer provides you with the core back office services that will work in parallel with your organisational transformation.

Achieving the benefits of integrated care requires strong system leadership, professional commitment and good management. SCW’s experienced team have worked with system leaders to develop the behaviours and processes that are needed to drive forward integration across service and organisational boundaries.

How we can help you

The key aim when creating and helping design organisations is that they are built in way that is consistent with their strategic aims. SCW can deploy a range of development tools and techniques to help your emerging organisation to define its strategic aims. Your internal development programmes can then be designed to align with these strategic aims. We can help you to make sense of this and to build on the core DNA of your organisation.

We can also deliver a range of leadership, team and individual development support interventions using a range of industry leading tools. Support is available to combine workforce redesign alongside transformation of care.