Cheshire CHIS in the News

Child Health Immunisation Service

Joining up records of children across county into one integrated digital system, despite lockdown challenges

As we reported in January 2020 SCW took over the Cheshire & Merseyside Child Health Information Service (CHIS) from April 2020 after winning the tender for a 5 year contract.  NHS England and NHS Improvement (Northwest), commissioned SCW to create a single CHIS service that combined six existing Cheshire and Merseyside CHIS, so that all child health data would be managed safely and securely in one place. 

Little did we know that we would be in the middle of a global pandemic when the time came to go live.  Not to be deterred by the lockdown and challenges posed by the coronavirus pandemic, roll-out continued and through the determination and hard work of those involved has seen 176,000 children’s records from six different child health information systems integrated into the new system. Read some of the media coverage below to find out more about the new CHIS deployment.

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