Success for SCW in Digital Outcomes and Specialist framework bid

We are delighted to announce SCW has won a place on two Lots of the Crown Commercial Services’ Digital Outcomes and Specialists framework.

The Crown Commercial Services’ Digital Outcomes and Specialists Framework is there to help the public sector to find suppliers that can research, design, build, test and deliver software applications and digital services. 

"This is an exciting achievement for SCW, and gives us the opportunity to reach out to a wider group of customers to offer our expertise on all things digital!" Simon Sturgeon, Director of IT Services

Lot 1 focuses on Digital Outcomes for our customers seeking SCW teams to build and support a digital service (Lot 1 services must be provided under one or more of the following capabilities: user experience and design, performance analysis and data, security, service delivery, software development, support and operations, testing and auditing, user research).

And Lot 2 will provide opportunities for our customers to buy SCW services where they require digital specialists to deliver a specific outcome with defined deliverables on a service, programme or project. (The following specialist roles are available under Lot 2: agile coach, business analyst, communications manager, content designer or copywriter, cyber security consultant, delivery manager or project manager, designer, developer, performance analyst, portfolio manager, product manager, programme delivery manager, quality assurance analyst, service manager, technical architect, user researcher, web operations engineer)

The framework went live on 1 October.

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