Sharing the Happy, Healthy at Home project evaluation report

The North East Hampshire & Farnham Vanguard project (also known as Happy, Healthy at Home) has published a final report giving an overview of the work delivered over the past three years.

North East Hampshire and Farnham CCG have published the full evaluation report on their website and shared the following core findings:

  • 50,000 patient contacts and interventions in 23 new services
  • 3,300 patient reported outcomes demonstrated significant improvements in how they feel about their health status, confidence and wellbeing
  • 530 staff reported outcomes from the new care model teams and primary care, demonstrated statistically significant improvements
  • From the second year of the programme there was a significant reduction in the trend of emergency admissions.
  • Qualitative interviews and case studies found positive benefits for patients, staff and the system

It is hoped that the report will be useful to anyone interested in implementing similar new ways of working, to understand and hopefully benefit from the learning from experiences in North East Hampshire and Farnham.

SCW is proud to have supported the vanguard by analysing pseudonymised patient records to measure the impact of new care models on activity levels in other services – particularly hospital emergency services. Several of these new care models will continue on into the future due to their success, and SCW has been asked to continue with evaluation work. Full details of the work delivered so far by SCW is included below: