Access global and local expertise around successful creation of ICSs

If you're actively engaged in, or seeking to learn more about how Integrated Care Systems are being developed, join our free best practice workshop on 5th December in Swindon.

The development of Integrated Care Systems (ICS) will have a significant impact on the way health and care services are commissioned, designed and delivered over the next decade. They will also fundamentally change the relationships and realign the responsibilities that currently exist. 

Recognising that successful implementation of an ICS will be a critical component in ensuring the sustainability of health and care services for future generations, the workshop will include contributions from individuals with global experience in the development and operation of Accountable Care Systems, around the world, as well as contributions from those leading ICS developments within England. 

This workshop will explore:

Creating a successful ICS

  • Key principles for success – Dr Al Mulley, Managing Director for Global Health Care Delivery Science, the Dartmouth Institute (United States), shares learning from Dartmouth’s experience working with new care models both here and abroad looking at making accountable care happen.
  • Leadership and trust – Leaders need to create the environment for success and to manage the disturbance that will be created by changes in the system. Investigating how organisations and their employees are increasingly being asked to manage unfamiliar relationships with unfamiliar parties we explore how managing such differences demands trust and how building strong relationships and cultures of collaboration take time.

Making Population Health Management real

  • Creating the right models of care –exploring how care models can be designed to deliver improved health outcomes, improved patient experience and greater efficiency and productivity to create whole-system solutions.
  • Putting prevention and wellbeing at the heart of your ICS – our behaviour change specialists will share ways for your ICS to effectively engage with, activate and influence public behaviours in line with your goals of improving health and wellbeing.
  • Digital Innovation – investigating how interoperability programmes, shared care records, and new technology apps and devices can support both patients and health and care professionals to deliver improved access to care and advice.
  • Predicting the healthcare needs of your population – considering how profiling population health and wider determinants enables you to understand activity, risk and cost in your system, and to identify and target those in most need. We will also give a preview of how our new Insights Population Analytics solution can support your requirements.

The session is between 10am-3m at the Jury's Inn, Swindon. To book your place email

Light refreshments will be served during the event to give an opportunity to network.