How Somerset STP is monitoring Daily Urgent Care

The entire health community of Somerset is now able to access a daily summary of their Urgent Care information.

The entire health community of Somerset is now able to access a daily summary of their Urgent Care information wherever and whenever they need to, through a new easy-to-interpret self-service report. This daily system view helps with better management of resources and activity across the system, enabling more effective management of system pressures. For example the data could be used to effect on-the-day planning and initiate early escalation such as engaging early social care or community care to effectively 'take patients out' of the system.

In the longer term, the availability of the report could mean that, where urgent care pressures are identified, decisions could be made about elective care and whether that is changed or impacted. This could ultimately support the achievement of performance targets and effective resource management to ensure the right resources are available at right time.

The daily Urgent Care Summary report was designed in collaboration between the SCW BI team and Somerset CCG and is now circulated to the Managing Director and all senior staff in Somerset CCG and senior staff and analysts across Somerset including all providers and organisations such as the Local Medical Committee.

In order to develop a report that could be instinctively used by all those parties without constant reference back to the team for clarification or ‘extra information’, the project involved significant engagement with all local stakeholders and took a number of steps:

  • Data was derived from our standard systems, but the means of information delivery was carefully considered. In this case, senior staff wanted access to this report through their iPads and did not want to be tied either to a desktop or to their main office location in order to access information. Therefore, the report was designed with these requirements in mind to ensure ease of access and allow a natural ‘expansion / magnification’ when used on an iPad.
  • In order to get this right for the needs of all users significant co-design took place with CCG senior management on the style and type of reports that would be shown.
  • The eight-page report allows the senior user to see the current daily A&E status of the four main Acute Trusts that serve Somerset patients. It then provides ‘scroll down’ functionality to see the causal effects. 
  • Ensuring that this detailed reporting was set up to be used in the most instinctive way led the SCW BI team to design:
  • split axes so that users can see short-term (daily) and long-term (weekly) trends on the same page and compare to last year for both
  • daily trend lines reported within ‘a corridor’ of best (green) and worst (red) performances within the past four weeks 
  • on the 111 summary page, as 111 performance was considered to drive a lot of the performance in the rest of the system, the screen was designed to put ‘111 at the centre’ with the destination of the 111 callers spreading from that central point
  • In addition the Daily Emergency Admission report also includes daily information on 999 performance and ambulance handover delays; ‘net patient flow’, elective and non-elective bed utilisation, and cancelled operations at each Trust; community hospital bed capacity (RAG rated and shown through mapping); and delayed transfers of care split by ‘NHS responsible’ and ‘social care responsible’

Urgent care - somerset

Through this report we are providing a self-service solution for Accountable Officers and Chief Executives and staff throughout their organisations that delivers an accessible visual representation of key data to manage a whole system delivery.

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