Celebrations for a new clinical fellow

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SCW is proud to announce that our colleague Maggie Lay, Clinical Transformation Lead has successfully become a clinical fellow with the Faculty of Clinical Informatics.

The Faculty of Clinical Informatics is a new organisation founded for the purpose of providing a professional membership body for all clinical informaticians. It is focused on promoting safe, efficient and effective healthcare through the best use of information and information technology.

Clinical Fellowship was awarded to Maggie following her application which evidenced her leadership in the field, and commitment to the advancement of clinical informatics in the UK.

Explaining her reasons for applying for the role, Maggie said:

“Working in a community hospital in the 1990s, we delivered high-quality integrated care with good outcomes, but we only ever measured what patients came in with and where they went home to.  The multi-disciplinary team interventions, faithfully captured in integrated paper notes, were never collected, so we were never able to prove what made a difference. As district nurses, we were reprimanded for using an expensive dressing, but we never measured how many fewer visits we made or how quickly the wound healed as a result of doing so. We had to complete and fax photocopied form after photocopied form to submit capacity quotas, Key Performance Indicators and other compliance documents. In short, not very good data was being pulled from us whilst very good data was not being pushed anywhere.”

“Today, we still measure what we can, not what we should and duplicate entry is a way of life for nurses. I believe we must change the emphasis: data must be captured intuitively as part of the patient care workflow and should only ever be entered once.  The professional discipline of clinical informatics is vital, to set the standards, to interpret between technology and clinicians, to represent every part of the workflow and to challenge our colleagues to change and improve their practice using the best that informatics has to offer. That’s why I put myself forward for this role – I want to represent (and challenge) my colleagues and their patients to ensure informatics becomes part of what we do.”

Maggie has been supported by SCW to take the opportunity and feels the encouragement of her colleagues, particularly Fiona Robertson and Andy Kinnear, has been instrumental in her successful application.

“SCW is actively seeking to make the best use of its clinical workforce.  I believe that this commitment and our combined experience makes SCW uniquely placed to design and deliver digitally-enabled transformation in health and social care.”

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