Responding to the Integrated Care Provider (ICP) Contract Consultation

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Providing guidance to understand the new Integrated Care Provider model of working and a response to the national contract consultation

As health and care systems move towards more integrated working there is a need to look at the complex suite of contracts, organisations and funding streams that can lead to duplication and lack of co-ordination across NHS organisations. 

In some areas ‘aligned incentive contracts’ or  ‘alliance agreements’ have been used to supplement individual contracts and aid collaboration, but there has never before been a commissioning contract specifically to promote an integrated service model including primary care, wider NHS and some local authority services.

The opportunity with the ICP contract is to ensure that contracting, funding, performance and organisational structures help rather than hinder staff to do the right things and define more clearly who has overall responsibility for integrating and co-ordinating care.

The development of the draft ICP Contract responds to the demand in some areas for a single contract through which general practice, wider NHS and in some cases, some local authority services can be commissioned from a ‘lead provider' organisation, responsible for delivering integration of services. Such a provider can be known as an ‘Integrated Care Provider’.

The ICP contract is intended to ensure:

• A consistent objective to deliver integrated, population based care

• As far as possible, consistency in terms and conditions in relation to different services

• A population based payment approach, allowing flexible redeployment of resources to best meet needs

• Aligned incentives across all teams and services.

SCW support

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SCW developed a response to the ICP contract consultation that was launched by NHS England (NHSE).

Using our experience in supporting the standard NHS contract form as well as delivering new contracting approaches including Alliance Contracts, Aligned Incentive Contracts and Prime Provider Contracts’, and our multi-disciplinary teams experience in assisting CCGs and other commissioning organisations gave us a clear insight to inform these responses.

The attached document provides background and context to the changes being proposed and an overview of the proposed contract document, as well as SCW’s response to the consultation questions. It outlines some of the key issues that need to be considered in taking this approach forward and which SCW submitted on its own behalf, and on behalf of many of its customers, in line with the national deadline of 26th October 2018. (Some customers chose to submit their own response to the consultation and were able to use the SCW content to inform this).

Liam Williams, SCW’s Director of Commissioning Performance commented “SCW’s contracting team was pleased to be able to support our customers in responding to this consultation. ICP is all about a new model and way of working.  The ICP contract offers the opportunity to ensure that governance, funding, performance and organisational structures incentivise positive behaviours and clinical practice across a system to do the right thing.  The NHS and its partners will remain a complex web of parties but the ICP should define more clearly who has overall responsibility for integrating and co-ordinating care.”

If you would like further information on how SCW can support you with system governance and support, including our response to the proposed payment reform proposals, contact Liam Williams, Director of Commissioning Performance;

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