SCW’s response to Clinical Effectiveness, Priority Committees and Caseload Management Policies

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As many of our existing clients will know, NHS England recently approved a suite of evidence based policies restricting access to some clinical procedures. For many healthcare systems across the SCW footprint, these policies have already been in operation at a local level for several years.  It is often SCW that supports and operationalises these policies through prior approval, individual funding requests or exceptional funding panels.

As system level working evolves, SCW will continue to provide a full suite of independent, evidence based support to providers, by constantly reviewing their clinical access policies and thresholds.  SCW recognises that the existing governance frameworks will evolve, as integrated care systems change the role of commissioners to place more emphasis on organisations working together to meet the needs of a population.  In addition to the evidence reviews and financial impact assessments that ensure clinically led prioritisation decisions, SCW has been leading the way in the development and use of digitally based solutions that enable clinicians to get instant decisions, alongside the patient, for access to diagnostics, medicines or operations. This is supported by structured, clinically led audits that offer assurance on equity and access.

A key benefit to using SCW in support of these policies is the opportunity to ensure consistent approaches across boundaries, the sharing of evidence, reviews to reduce duplication and the potential to bring clinicians together as part of the independent evidence review and policy agreement.  SCW can offer support for clinical priority policy development and population and financial impact analysis.  It also offers consistent tools for the application of policies, either through digital solutions or through our teams applying standard operating procedures. These procedures support providers and offer confidence that decisions are genuinely policy based, with exceptionality flagged appropriately for consideration through the locally agreed approach. 

For more information on the support SCW provides on evidence based procedures for clinical procedures, contact Liam Williams, Director of Commissioning Performance,

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