Our contract management service enables clients to develop contractual frameworks that meet the needs of their organisation in working with suppliers and partners.  We recognise that the evolving NHS architecture is changing and that as well as the standard NHS contract form, novel contract approaches are required to align organisations across a geographical area to achieve common outcomes.

Our teams are expert in assisting CCGs and other commissioning organisations contract for their strategic plans, secure health and care services that are focused on the local populations need, and secure continuously improving patient safety, quality and experience.

Support is provided through an objective, systematic approach, working within local systems to utilise regional clinical expertise, organisational subject matter experts and a degree of independence that can enable local system leaders to lead. With over 250 contract and financial experts there are always colleagues available to respond to even the most challenging of demands.

Contract management solutions

We operate our services at scale across a wide geographical area. This has enabled us to develop bespoke contract management solutions tailored to match the needs of the health economies we serve. With an eye to the future, we have rolled out contracting approaches including Alliance Contracts, Aligned Incentive Contracts and Prime Provider Contracts. We are able to offer a full range of service from advice and guidance on complex contracting and contract finance issues to a comprehensive management service.

Case studies