Two members of SCW staff


Our changing climate is a regular feature in the news. As a healthcare organisation we know we have a responsibility to play our part in tackling the challenges it creates. After all, without a healthy environment, we can’t have healthy communities.

We've started to work with Care Without Carbon to develop our Green Plan. This is a strategy to enable us to reduce our impact on the environment across a range of areas.

The Care Without Carbon team are based in Sussex Community NHS Trust and are award-winning for their approach to delivering sustainable healthcare, working with several other Trusts in the South East. 

What we're doing at SCW

  • In October 2021 we published the SCW Carbon Reduction Plan 2021, which sets out how we will meet our target of being carbon net-zero by 2040 in line with the wider NHS.
  • We are currently creating a Green Plan that will be published here in late 2021. The plan sets out the detail behind how we will achieve net-zero and also support other organisations to meet their own targets.
  • Whilst our Green Plan is in development we continue to drive forward many initiatives within the organisation to reduce our carbon footprint. This includes encouraging sustainable transport options for staff, making changes to our estates (for example fitting with motion sensor lighting and other energy-saving features) and turning some of our services paperless.

Contributing to a net-zero NHS

Care Without Carbon is also working with us to help ensure that the work we're doing across health and care systems is contributing to a net-zero NHS.

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