Medic speaking to a patient
As a learning organisation, we aim to stay at the forefront of thinking about care models, ways of working and approaches to defining and responding to the challenges in cancer.

Helping you personalise care to support those impacted by cancer

The impact of a cancer diagnosis is far more than managing the physical treatments. Each patient’s situation and condition is different and so it’s essential to provide personalised care to all.

Drawing on our multidisciplinary team of clinical, digital, analytical, and transformation expertise our tailored solutions include:
  • Bespoke cancer analytical support for COVID-19 recovery, including the creation of dashboards and forecast modelling
  • Working with Cancer Alliances to support patient engagement, inequalities, and personalised care to develop high-quality services
  • Evaluation of end-to-end cancer pathway interventions, leading to the implementation of new innovative solutions
  • Initiatives to improve cancer screening uptake and earlier, faster diagnosis
  • Support for digital transformation projects