Digital Health Rewired 2019: Transformation through digital

SCW At Digital Health Rewired 2019

Transforming health and care through the adoption of digital technologies and new ways of working; this is the overarching topic of discussion at the eagerly anticipated Digital Health Rewired event.

The two-day inaugural conference began on Monday 25th March and played host to health professionals from across the country. Their aim, to discuss the integration of health and care through the transformational use of technology and new working practices.

Driven by the passion to implement change in health and care through technology, SCW has a strong presence throughout the event. A host of SCW attendees will address numerous topics in relation to the significance of digital technology and its pivotal role in transforming health and care.

Digital Health Rewired: About the event

The new multi-event conference and exhibition takes place in London and focuses on innovative ways of working.

The expected discussion topics on the event schedule are:

  • Digitally integrated care
  • AI and analytics
  • Clinical software
  • Cloud and mobile
  • Cyber security
  • Digital imaging

SCW and Digital Health Rewired

SCW will be represented by a team of attendees at the event, each motivated by the use of digital technologies to instigate positive change within health and care.  

Application and potential of AI and analytics in commissioning

As part of the Rewired Schedule, our Director of Business Intelligence, John O’ Connell and myself, will be delivering a talk on the exploration of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and a discussion on its potential application within commissioning.

Part of the discussion will be an insightful exploration of an innovative piece of data-led development - The Dynamic Pathways Tool - which encompasses local and national data spanning more than five years.

The Dynamic Pathways Tool: A Snapshot

The Dynamic Pathways Tool is a scalable data system comprised of local and national data. Informed by thorough research conducted for over 3 years, the tool boasts the rich data insight that will enable SCW to apply AI and machine learning to commissioning.

The discussion will encompass:

  • A discovery of the data journey

  • Integrated dashboards and intelligence tools

  • Taking analytics and AI to the next level

  • MLI and its ability to look for patterns of optimal care

  • Influencing different pathways of care through AI and machine learning

  • Debunking myths and easing pressure points on specific NHS services

  • Using machine learning for predictive modelling

  • The future of and capabilities of AI

Andy Kinnear, SCW’s Director of Digital Transformation and Chair of the British Computer Society will also be chairing a discussion session about the need to get digital leaders on NHS boards.

Andy is joined by four other health and care professionals including Dr John Williams, Chair of the Faculty of Clinical Informatics.

The event is not to be missed, and the SCW team will be live tweeting throughout the two-day conference to keep you up to date on all activity.

We will also be releasing post-event interviews with Catherine Dampney and John O’ Connell to gain further insight into AI, commissioning and their innovative work. Contact the SCW team to find out more about Digital Health Rewired 2019.

Director of BI Innovation & Transformation (Interim) | Tweet @cjdampney