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Over two million patients now served by CHIE shared care record

The UKs oldest and biggest shared care record supports better quality and faster care for patients - and no more having to repeat medical histories.

Close up of nurse's hands holding a patient's hand

Primary Care: diverting the flow of non-medical patients

One Primary Care network has solved the riddle of dealing with non-medical appointments while still delivering duty-of-care.

Vaccinations for housebound patients

How can GIS help plan housebound patients’ vaccination programmes?

Devising the optimal routing for GPs/nurses in Somerset to visit local housebound patients and provide COVID-19 vaccinations in the most efficient way.

Mental Health; Community

Mental Health: Unlocking community providers – to deliver NHS goals

Third sector providers add value to the community mix, but NHS processes can get in the way. SCW found a way through.

Virtual assessment centre

The show goes on for Gloucestershire Graduate Assessment Centre

How SCW designed and delivered a fully virtual assessment centre for Gloucestershire CCG

Complaints or Questions

Mental Health: how do you get the capacity data your staff know - but you don't?

The Childrens and Young Persons Mental Health polciy team came asking for help with a system that wasn't working. Luckily we knew what to do.

Social prescribing

Developing Social Prescribing to support a community through the COVID-19 pandemic

Joining up a true community of care; working together to support the health and wellbeing of their local population during the pandemic.

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Building a digital ready workforce

Learning from current experiences to develop a digital ready workforce programme to equip colleagues to be fit for the future


Delivering effective response support for Weston Area Health Trust COVID 19 cells optimising stock management for PPE and equipment

Co-ordinating, managing, and helping to build functionality to support an effective Incident Control Centre (ICC) and COVID response cells, including the development of clinical and non-clinical Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs).

Directory of Services

How DoS is supporting the COVID-19 response

Providing robust NHS Directory of Services (DoS) support is vital to facilitate signposting to COVID related care pathways at the same time as enabling flexing of capacity and clinical profiling of established urgent care services

Total Triage Process

Implementing total triage best practice for online consultations

Co-ordinating a national resource to support the implementation of online consultations, minimise face-to-face appointments and provide the best outcomes for patients.

Attend Anywhere

Roll out of Attend Anywhere to support South West NHS Trusts

Increasing capability and adoption of video consultation across the South West

EU Exit

South East EU Exit Support Programme

Supporting planning, preparation and response for EU Exit on behalf of NHS England and NHS Improvement South East region

primary care appraisal training

Helping Primary Care to deliver better appraisals and training

Development of appraisal guidance, forms and training for GP Practices

Mental Health CYPMH tool

Giving children and young people access to the Mental Health services they need

Creating a new tool for demand and capacity planning for Children and Young People’s Mental Health Services - CReST

Online consultation

Registered nurse delivers leadership support for clinical safety in online consultations

Providing clinical leadership to risk assess feedback and issues in managing clinical conditions with the roll out of online consultations to practices and guidance on best practice to minimise risk


Tracking the number of deaths related to COVID-19

Providing vital daily intelligence on deaths resulting from COVID-19 for the South East and South West regions of NHS England


Supporting NHSE&I South East to mobilise and operate a virtual Incident Coordination Centre (ICC) for their regional COVID-19 response

Providing leadership oversight and delivery of COVID-19 planning and response activities across the South East region.