Case studies

How a GP practice rose to the pandemic challenge of immunising its children

A GP practice in Buckinghamshire rose to the challenge of delivering the childhood immunisation programme during COVID-19 and increased vaccination uptake rates.

A smiling family with young children on the sofa

What's the secret to maintaining childhood immunisation uptake rates during a pandemic?

As the world faced the COVID-19 pandemic and the requirement to lockdown during 2020, SCW's Improving Immunisation Uptake team was considering how to keep the important process of childhood immunisations going.

Supporting the mental health needs of the under fives

Delivering a national under fives Mental Health services report to inform service change and policy development.

How a specialist team helped GPs to reduce variation in immunisation uptake

How SCW’s Improving Immunisation Uptake (IIU) team delivered a significant reduction in the variation of immunisation uptake across the Thames Valley and overall increase in uptake of childhood immunisations.

Mental Health: bringing the value of data quality to an NHS region

Delivering data quality improvement for the Mental Health Services Data Set (MHSDS) across the South East (SE) region. 

Transforming Devon's Local Maternity System

Supporting the development of the Local Maternity System plan for Devon STP

Increasing preschool booster uptake rates during the 2020 pandemic

Supporting and empowering GP’s to increase preschool booster vaccination uptake rates and maintain/improve overall childhood immunisation uptake across the Thames Valley during the COVID 19 pandemic.

Advancing mental health services by making winter funding go further

Using our expertise to support NHSE South East Regional Winter Planning 19/20 and 20/21

Transforming adult mental health crises at the Riverside Sanctuary Café

When NHS processes got in the way of third sector providers adding value to the community mix, SCW found a way.

Tackling health inequalities and improving childhood immunisation uptake rates in Slough

How Herschel Medical Practice in Slough achieved a 10 % increase in their overall childhood immunisation uptake rates.

Somerset SEND Improvement

Somerset CCG and County council were found to have 'widespread weaknesses' in their Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND) services which were causing distress to many children, their parents, and their families.

Doctor and patient

Reducing outpatient waiting times and generating efficiency savings

Cornwall’s health community has been experiencing difficulties with their Outpatient (OP) Services System, resulting in overly long waiting times for appointments with consequential risks to patients. Previous improvement programmes were unsuccessful, resulting in a worsening financial situation. 

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