Developing a primary care provider organisation for BANES Enhanced Medical Services.

Creating and supporting a Primary Care At-Scale provider organisation to be ‘contract ready’ to deliver their NHS contract. Dr. Andrew Smith, CEO, BANES Enhanced Medical Services

We have worked on a number of projects with Scott McKenzie, as part of the SCW primary care team, as well as asking him to facilitate a number of development and potentially challenging meetings. His wider national knowledge and understanding of GP Federations and Primary Care, as well as his ability to grasp and analyse complex issues and dynamics quickly, and break them down readily, has been exemplary. He has helped with a better understanding and grounding of the wider issues, and we look forward to working with him again in the future.

The challenge

SCW has been commissioned to work with a number of GP federations/provider companies, included Bath and North East Somerset (BANES) Enhanced Medical Services,  to deliver governance reviews to ensure they are completely fit for purpose.

Our experience in this area has also enabled us to work with existing at-scale primary care providers to undertake due diligence exercises and provide assurances to commissioners that these organisations are ‘contract ready’ with robust accountability and governance processes, clearly defined operational policies and that they meet the statutory obligations inherent with being the holder of an NHS contract. 


We facilitated the development and review of provider organisations based upon local circumstances and the way the practices wanted to work. The updated company principles are as unique to the federation just like the member practices and population. Our approach followed a 3 stage process.

  • Stage One - a facilitated first meeting of the workgroup, using a number of testing scenarios to reach an agreement on the best way forward
  • Stage Two - a second workshop to further refine the company principles and explore Corporate and Clinical Governance, Risk Management Strategy, Outline Business Plan, Communications and Engagement.
  • Stage Three – hold launch meeting on the work undertaken and the decisions made that have informed the development of their updated company principles.


  • A refreshed governance structure was agreed and tested with the legal advisers.
  • The work included rules to achieve ongoing two-way communication between Board and Member Practices, along with how best to communicate, how often and how they best keep everyone up to date.
  • This was then developed into new company documentation and taken to the Member Practices who also accepted the recommendations and changes
  • The provider then developed relationships with the emerging Primary Care Networks who also agreed a willingness to engage with the federation in their development
  • This provider organisation continues to support the care-out-of-hospital agenda, delivering services at scale in primary care.

Key Contacts

Alison Westmacott

Director of Primary Care


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