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Executive coaching for BOB ICS Senior Leadership Team

We were commissioned to provide 1-2-1 coaching for executive and senior leaders to enhance their impact in leading the change and development process. Over half of the Senior Management Team (SMT) leaders took the opportunity for executive coaching support and many chose to extend the coaching relationship after completion of the original sessions.


BOB ICS SMT had a major strategic integration ahead with the need to navigate through the emerging organisational transformation. The leadership would be critical to the success of the process. SCW was commissioned to provide 1-2-1 coaching for executive and senior leaders to support their greater impact in leading the change and development process.

A number of alternative coaching options were available to fit different personal styles. Over half of the SMT leaders took the opportunity for executive coaching support with many choosing to extend the coaching relationship after completion of the original sessions.


The BOB ICS represents several health and social care organisations across Buckinghamshire, Oxfordshire and Berkshire West working together in a more integrated way to provide the best possible health outcomes to the 1.8m people it serves. The leadership of the Senior Management Team (SMT) for the BOB ICS remains a critical enabler for the ICS to perform and achieve the vision of the 'triple aim' as originally set out in the ‘Next Steps on the NHS Five Year Forward View’ published in March 2017.

Several challenges were facing the SMT. Firstly, an imminent consultation process to support a new organisational structure was underway leaving many directors in a position to consider their skills sets and future careers. Secondly, directors recognised that they needed to work differently, in a more collaborative way across the system if the ICS was to be fully integrated with other partners.

For some, this meant reflecting on their leadership style and considering areas where they may need to flex and develop their leadership capabilities to have a greater impact. Finally, and like many colleagues and leaders across the NHS, the SLT had not had the opportunity to reflect on their learning and lessons learned of leading through a global health pandemic. The Accountable Officer for the BOB ICS recognised the importance of his SLT having some protected time to focus on their development.

Our approach

All SMT members were contacted by the SCW OD team to inform directors of the opportunity to work with one of our experienced executive coaches. Once SMT members had registered their interest in wanting to work with a coach, initial contact was made through a 1-2-1 conversation with our OD consultant to understand their level of familiarity with coaching and areas they wanted to address with a coach. This process ensured SCW could match SMT members with coaches who had the necessary experience and interpersonal preferences to ensure a positive working relationship. Over half of the SMT were assigned to an SCW coach and engaged with an initial 3 coaching sessions each with many choosing to extend their coaching relationship.


Coaching with the SMT is ongoing with 8 chemistry and 18 coaching sessions already been completed. The coaching relationships developed between SCW coaches and SMT members have been positive with many directors wanting to continue working with their coach after their initial 3 sessions. The coaching sessions have provided a safe and rich development space for SMT members to reflect on their performance and development needs moving forward to enhance their impact as senior leaders.

The sessions offer a structured way of both developing my current and future leadership style as well as personal resilience. The sessions have been impactful and have also provided time to work through expected upcoming organisational change - Senior Management Team member

To find out more, contact Hannah Williams, OD Programme Director - Consultancy, HR & Organisation Development - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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