Geospatial technologies to support service transformation

HASR twin dashboard

Mapping population demographics and travel choices with geospatial technologies to improve and develop new services.


The Humber Acute Service Review is a change programme being delivered across the Humber area to deliver better and more accessible health and care services across the area.

As part of the second phase of the programme, we were asked to provide hospital activity data and analysis of different modes of transport to model new service pathways across the region.

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What we did

We mapped population demographics and used geospatial expertise to analyse the travel choices of staff and patients.

We visualised the hospital activities of patients for three workstreams: Urgent and Emergency Care, Maternity, and Planned Care.

To inform future sites, we applied travel carbon modelling, providing statistics that included the impact on patients.

This work accompanied a stakeholder engagement exercise conducted by the Humber Acute Service Review – involving 8,000 patients, the general public, staff, partners and regulators. Using information gathered from this work, we built a range of online solutions to be used by programme leads and senior staff, such as a geospatial portal and data dashboard.


Geospatial services (GIS)

Created mapping and visual output to give context to the HASR programme

Geospatial applications

Visualised patient hospital activity from multiple sources for the three major workstreams – Urgent and Emergency Care, Maternity, and Planned Care.

Data driven decision making

The Geospatial team built a range of innovative online solutions to be used by programme leads / senior staff to enable engagement and decision making

Planning and modelling

Used geospatial expertise to undertake travel analysis modelling for staff and patients through a range of travel methods


  • Geospatial technology brought clarity to complex data, providing evidence to support decision-making across the Humber Acute Service Review.

  • Our analysis enabled the development of a Pre-Consultation Business Case, upon which a decision to consult on service change is taken. We supported HASR to formulate its desired outcomes from a choice of hospital model options.

  • If successful, an £800m strategic capital bid will be facilitated. 

  • The collaboration enabled the Humber region to truly put patients first in their plans.

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