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Take advantage of the opportunities to maximise the value of every pound spent whilst also optimising care quality

Winter pressures and operational efficiency

Everyone is struggling with the pressures of winter and even more so this year with the cost-of-living crisis and the impacts of the war in Ukraine. These aspects only add to the already tortuous backlog challenges driven by the pandemic.

There is an urgent need to make the current system work as effectively as possible by optimising performance and driving efficient working and cost savings. With funding increasingly squeezed you need to take advantage of the opportunities to maximise the value of every pound spent whilst also improving care quality.

Access to health and care data that gives you the insight and information to oversee your performance and identify opportunities to improve the quality of care will be vital to delivering the savings needed.

We work with you as a partner to understand the challenges in your system or organisation and secure delivery of the outcomes you require. This includes capacity, capability, interventions, and support needed as well as the deliverables and the return on investment required within appropriate governance arrangements.

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A programme like no other...

Liz Howarth, PMO Director COVID-19 Vaccines Deployment Programme and Mark Angus, Deputy PMO Leadership and Oversight Lead, delivered the keynote session at this year’s PMO conference held on 3 November 2021. They shared the challenges and successes of how the central PMO came together to support the delivery of the first vaccination in December 2020 and the subsequent millions of vaccinations since.

This video relays their experiences and those of the whole team on this fast-paced programme, likened to building the wings whilst the plane is flying.

Find out more about a programme like no other.

PMO Conference 2021 - COVID-19 Vaccination Deployment Programme

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