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SCW speakers to join IHSCM April National Conference programme

Are you going to the Health Plus Care Show, the Digital Healthcare Show, or the Residential Care Show on 26-27 April?  If so, make sure you check out the Institute of Health and Social Care Management (IHSCM) National Conference being held in partnership with the main Health Plus Care Show. The IHSCM conference will be hosting topical conversations with leading industry contributors in their theatre throughout the conference. 

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Why efficiency is crucial for communications not just operations and finances

As the end of the financial year is finally within reach, all eyes are on the prize of efficiency – both operational and financial. But whilst budgets and finance come under the annual spotlight, we forget at our peril other areas where efficiency is crucial. One of those areas is communications.

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Can systems convening approaches help navigate complex landscapes?

As leaders facing today’s complex challenges how do you navigate this ambiguous landscape? We’ve all heard that collectively we can be a greater sum than our original parts, but how do we work to maximise these connections within and across health and care systems.  And can we benefit from having support and space to think creatively about our approach to this?

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Why embracing neurodiversity may support in retaining a gifted workforce

For those of you who read my last blog, your spidey senses (aka those gifted adult traits of perception and linking of abstract concepts) may have been tingling.

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Finalists for four Make A Difference Awards 2023 – You can help

We are delighted to have been shortlisted for not one but four categories in the Make A Difference Awards 2023. What’s more the first two categories are open to public vote – which means you too can make a difference!

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Unlocking data that will change lives

A significant issue facing under-represented communities in the UK right now is the burden of health inequalities. Studies show that people from these communities have significantly poorer health outcomes and experiences in terms of both initial contact with health professionals and follow-up care. 

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Spotlight on ‘Cyber security in health and care’

As part of SCW Spotlights, a programme of short and snappy webinar events, NHS Somerset shared their approach to managing the evolving cyber security threat landscape. They explored the evolution of the primary care landscape in recent years and what is planned next for NHS Somerset.

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Are you embracing gifted people in your organisation?

Did you ever sit in a work meeting with someone whose brain appears to whirl at 100mph, leaping to understandings or creative solutions in an instant, piecing together ideas and concepts out of nowhere? You may just have encountered a gifted adult. Yep, corny as the name sounds, that’s a thing. 

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SCW becomes south regional hub for IHSCM

We are delighted to announce that we have become the south regional hub for the Institute of Health and Social Care Management (IHSCM). As a regional hub, we’ll be offering joint events, networking opportunities and exclusive content to share learning, training and development, and operational best practice across the sector.