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Creating a new solution to overcome poor experiences of hospital discharge

Behind every delay in the transfer of a patient from a hospital into their future place of care, there is a person, in the wrong place to best enable their recovery. SCW’s Head of Strategic and Service Innovation, Wendy Marshall, explores the challenges of discharging a patient into intermediary or longer-term care and shares her thoughts.

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Why Fika? - Thought-provoking conversations with game-changing leaders

Using the 'Fika' concept, our podcast series seeks to engage with people carrying out interesting and innovative work within the health and care ecosystem, through a relaxed informal chat. This week John is joined by David Howell, Deputy Director of Information at Surrey Heartlands ICS.

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Importance of diversity in digital leadership from Digital Health Unplugged

Listen to the Digital Health Unplugged podcast episode 'Diversity in digital leadership.' This episode interviews members of the Shuri Network, including Junior Technical Analyst, Nicole Wong, from NHS South, Central and West.

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What does disability mean to me?

Kate Toomey, Chair of the SCW Disability Network shares her experience living with a disability and how SCW is working to increase awareness and support to colleagues who may need it. 

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If physical activity were a drug, we would refer to it as a miracle cure

The COVID-19 pandemic saw many changes to people’s lifestyles. Some were able to increase their physical activity levels. For many, however, a decrease was the reality. The Moving Healthcare Professionals Programme seeks to build confidence and encourage people to move more each day, and build physical activity into their daily routines.

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Volunteering for the Samaritans

Kate Knight, Programme Director in Strategy and Transformation, shares her thoughts on being a volunteer for Samaritans.

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How to get the most from the ARRScheme

For our second PCN roundtable on 2 June, leads from across the country gathered to discuss how they use the Additional Roles Reimbursement Scheme (ARRS) and the challenges they’ve faced. Here are the key discussions from the session.

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Improving flu vaccination uptake: learnings from our COVID-19 experience

The dangers of flu and the risks of hospitalisation and being admitted to intensive care due to severe complications are not well-publicised. Nor are they as clearly understood as they are for COVID-19. 

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Three things all emerging ICSs need to know

Every area of England is now covered by an Integrated Care System, all at varying levels of maturity. The crux of this restructure is focused on bringing together key organisations in the health and care landscape, moving towards collaborative working at both place and system levels. Looking across the systems we support a number of key trends are evident: