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You want a successful Primary Care Network (PCN) that supports the member practices to deliver efficient services for your patients. You also want to keep the practices sustainable and resilient. 

But your staff are overwhelmed with work, recruitment is tough and even though you’re working flat out you still can’t seem to make ends meet. Your long-term vision feels so out of reach you’re now wondering whether it’s even worth carrying on.

You are not alone. 

We know what it takes to run a sustainable and successful network and we can help you achieve this too. 

We have supported successful practice mergers and helped form numerous GP Federations ensuring robust and resilient operations. We have also supported PCNs to develop remarkable plans to achieve their vision by developing innovative projects and collaborations.

A culture of collaboration is key within any successful PCN. It is the founding principle upon which a thriving PCN will be built. 

I sense this is why the most common question we get from PCNs we work with and support is 'how does the way we work together compare to other PCNs you are aware of or work with?'  

Collaborating as part of a PCN not only drives greater productivity, it also fosters healthy relationships within the PCN and across the Integrated Care Systems. The phenomenal response from networks to the challenges of delivering the Covid vaccination programme shows how collaboration can have a huge impact.  

Those who successfully collaborate are often more effective and efficient than those who attempt to manage the same projects alone – think PCN DES and whether you collaborate to deliver or work individually as practices.

Collaborating successfully is likely to significantly increase practice engagement within the PCN. This is particularly so where collaboration makes the day to day delivery easier to achieve. 

Sharing ideas is a great way to encourage innovative solutions to tackle the local challenges within your system. There is no one size fits all approach. This is why sharing experience and learning across PCNs and the wider system is essential to progress and deliver the outcomes anticipated.

Would you like to learn from others and share your experience? 

Join us 25 March 12.45-2 pm in the first of a series of virtual round table events, at which SCW will facilitate virtual discussions amongst a small number of PCN leaders in a safe and discreet environment.  

Participants will meet peers and be able to discuss and compare challenges and progress. Attendance at the events will be limited and only open to PCN leaders (such as Clinical Directors, Leads from PCN Member Practices and PCN Managers.) 

By the end of the meeting, you will be able to assess where you are on your development journey and how you compare to others. We aim for you to gain reassurance and inspiration from your peers.  

You'll be able to take away the learning from the discussion and implement it within your PCN while knowing this has already been tried and tested by others.  

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The Primary Care Team in SCW provides support and direction to practices, Primary Care Networks and federations to successfully implement new care models, develop connections and work collaboratively within Integrated Care Systems. 

We aim to enable health and care systems to achieve the best possible outcomes for people, communities and populations.

For more information on our support packages, or for any questions, pleaseThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Director of Primary Care, Strategy and Transformation

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