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SCW is celebrating International Day of the Midwife (#IDM2022) by acknowledging the unique and long-lasting work that midwives do. In our experience, working with highly skilled midwives is inspiring, innovative and impactful.  Here, we outline the recent work our own midwives, Melissa and Sophie, are delivering to demonstrate how they are using their midwifery skills and experience to digitalise, connect and transform maternity services to champion safe and effective care.

SCW recognises the challenges that maternity providers are facing now, more than ever. We are working alongside national, regional, local teams and providers to help shape the future using population health and data-driven approaches to identify variation and target inequalities. We ensure that the voices of women and service users direct and prioritise transformation, all supported and enabled by digital innovation, organisational development and programme management.

Melissa explains

We both work as project managers and are key members of our multi-disciplinary healthy childhood, maternal and women's health team. We work to co-create solutions to meet the aims of the maternity transformation agendas to help deliver safe, personalised care to women and pregnant people. 

The care a midwife gives is unique and cannot be underestimated. I have been working within Maternity service transformation locally for 5 years and my current interest is the huge task facing many Trusts - digitising maternity services. 

Digital solutions can enable women to truly be at the centre of their care with access to tailored information and support personalised to them. Solutions can reduce the current duplication of documentation and increase the safety of maternity care by being able to share contemporaneous records across the service and care locations.  Working at SCW enables me to support the development of maternity care by using my passion, skills and experience when working on a range of regional and national projects. I’m currently also studying for a Masters in Healthcare Analytics and Artificial Intelligence to support my interests and career development.

Sophie elaborates by saying

I have been a midwife for 20 years and my passion for caring for women during pregnancy and as they become mothers continues to inspire me to work towards the highest standards of care. Having worked in frontline, ultrasound, and digital roles I have realised the joy of being a midwife and caring for women and their babies on a one-to-one basis. 

I’m currently working on a range of digital maternity projects including the implementation of maternity information systems and supporting to improve informed decision making via local health shared care record platforms. Working with SCW allows me to work in a different way, connecting and collaborating across the depth and breadth of maternity care to effect change and it is really exciting! It feels like a very natural use of both my midwifery and leadership skills and I’m currently finishing a NHS leadership programme too. I would love to encourage more midwives to consider the range of professions that midwifery offers.  

If you’d like to find out more about the work SCW delivers, then please contact Caroline Rowe, SCW Lead for Healthy Childhood, Maternal and Women’s Health This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



Associate Director, Strategy & Transformation, Healthy Childhood & Maternal Health Lead

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