Working from home

Working in short sprints with regular breaks to maximise your productivity

Many of us may not have the luxury of a ‘home office’ and with working at home ‘thrust upon us’ as a result of the pandemic, temporary solutions were probably a sofa or a kitchen table. With working at home looking like it’s around for the foreseeable, it’s worth considering a slightly longer-term solution that can be your ‘go-to’ space for work and you can leave at the end of the day as boundaries are important when working at home.

And for those hoping to block out the at-home distractions, SCW Thrive team introduce you to the Pomodoro Technique. All you need is a timer!

Pomodoro is a system where you work in short sprints and regular breaks to ensure consistent productivity. To get started:

  • Make a list of tasks to be achieved in the day ahead

  • Choose the first task

  • Set your timer (the Pomodoro!) for 25 minutes

  • Work on the task until the timer goes off

  • Take a quick break (perhaps make a cup of tea)

  • Choose the next task and repeat steps 3-5

  • Every 4 ‘Pomodoros’ take a longer break (such as a lunch break)

A challenge with keeping to this is the level of distraction from outside of the home (i.e. work calls and emails!). In the Pomodoro technique, it recommends ending the Pomodoro at the point of distraction and starting a new one later. Our SCW Thrive team suggest alternatively ignoring the distraction. Why not out an out of office on your emails, advising that you are working on something and may be slower to respond, or perhaps Do Not Disturb activated on your phone and messaging services. You could even schedule one of your Pomodoro tasks as ‘Responding to my distractions!’.

Pomodoro technique

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