GP talking to young person

We are committed to evolving and improving the strategic modelling tools and functions for our customers, ensuring effective planning and delivery of healthcare services and enabling improvements in waiting times and managing backlogs. We're updating the Children and Young People's Mental Health Referral System Management Tool (also known as CReST) and are looking for participants to take part in user testing of the new features. 

Can you help us?

CReST is a well-established demand and capacity tool that is already recognised nationally as a key planning tool for children and young people's mental health. The CReST tool now has the potential to be applied across wider healthcare services.

This year, the SCW CReST team are updating the tool with increased functionality to model multiple pathways and we're looking for participants who have used CReST before, as well as colleagues who have limited or no experience, to take part in user testing of the new features.

Taking no more than five minutes, your feedback will be crucial in ensuring the final product will ultimately meet the needs of users in managing the demand and capacity of their services.

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