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Today, 15 June 2022, marks the National Healthcare Estates and Facilities Day to recognise and celebrate the tremendous efforts of all estates and facilities staff and their role in the critical provision of essential services. 

The response of Estates and Facilities to create flexible clinical space to respond to the pandemic over the last two years has been nothing short of remarkable.

The need for the appropriate physical space to deliver care across the NHS has never been more important.

But Estates and Facilities (EFM) is more than buildings. The last two years have demonstrated what many have known for years, that our Estates and Facilities staff are the heartbeat of the NHS.  

SCW has partnered with the Estates and Facilities Division at University Hospitals Bristol and Weston (UHBW) to support them to understand their culture and create opportunities to develop their Estates and Facilities family and provide a working environment which is nurturing and supportive.

Andrew Jeanes, Director of Estates and Facilities at UHBW is passionate about people and the services provided by Estates and Facilities.

Andrew joined UHBW in January and is spending his first few months in post talking to the teams that he recognises are 'integral to all our patients and carers and are often at the beginning and at the end of our patients’ journey.  Estates and Facilities can often be seen as the ‘silent service’ working hard in the background to support our patients and never before has that been more apparent during COVID-19. Nationally, Estates and Facilities services are estimated to make up 8% of the NHS workforce. This is why I plan to work with SCW to focus on the engagement and development of this critical service at UHBW.'

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