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We are very proud to have been awarded the Analytical Insights award at this years' EsriUK Customer Success awards. The award was in recognition for our work using geospatial analysis to help the NHS vaccinate millions of people as quickly as possible.

At this years' Annual Conference, EsriUK recognised the achievements of organisations doing amazing work and championing transformation through innovative use of ArcGIS software. The SCW Geographical Information Services (GIS) team were delighted to pick up the award for Analytical Insights.

When the NHS faced the enormous challenge of vaccinating the entire UK population against COVID-19 within an ambitious timescale, geospatial analysis brought clarity to the planning process. Our GIS team used Esri ArcGIS to help ensure that people receive the right vaccine at the right time from a site convenient to them.  

Critically, our team helped in the planning and modelling of the optimal location of vaccination site with the number of people in the catchment area, in the target age range, for each separate phase of the roll-out. We also worked with Primary Care Networks in Somerset to optimise the routing for vaccinating house-bound patients, to allow district nurses and GPs to reach as many vulnerable people as possible, as quickly as possible, while ensuring all available vaccines were used. 

At the start of the national COVID-19 vaccination programme, SCW modelled the best locations for large vaccination sites, based on a detailed understanding of where people lived and drive times.  We then adjusted the model iteratively to plan smaller vaccination centres at GP practices and pharmacies in response to changes in the Government’s roll-out strategy. Now, SCW is using ArcGIS to keep NHS decision-makers informed about the uptake of vaccinations and help them plan targeted interventions that will encourage more people to get vaccinated and prevent health inequalities.  

Through our use of ArcGIS, we have supported the NHS to deliver a massive, coordinated effort and vaccinate millions of people in the UK in a planned and efficient way. Trevor Foster, Associate Director, Geographic Intelligence and Mapping Service, SCW

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