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In May, we held a live webinar panel session exploring the vibrant collaborative programme in East Surrey where PCNs are working alongside community and voluntary organisations to improve health outcomes, equity, and sustainability for their local populations.

The hour-long panel session featured approaches to co-creating programmes to enable everyone in East Surrey to improve their health and wellbeing.

If you weren’t able to join the session, you can still watch the full discussion.  

The session explored how the programme was created, its approach and values, plus the scope of engagement and activity. Panellists were the Growing Health PCN leads who shared their experiences, progress and challenges of the Growing Health Together programme from their local perspective, and how they see it developing further.

A knowledgeable panel

Panellists from different PCNs involved in the programme, shared their insights and initiatives at both PCN and community level, enabling an inspiring discussion. The session was hosted by our Transformation Director, Health Improvement and Inequalities, Andrew Fenton.

Panellists included:

  • Dr Gillian Orrow, Co-Founder, Programme Director and Healthy Horley PCN Lead
  • Dr Richard Wright, North Tandridge PCN Lead (Caterham)
  • Dr Anna Mustill, South Tandridge PCN Lead (Oxted)
  • Dr Uzma Aziz, Redhill Phoenix PCN Lead (Redhill)

Feedback from attendees included:

Great local work! Particularly, given the impending health and disparities white paper from DHSC.

Thank you all for what you are doing, very inspiring work indeed. Thank you for sharing.

This has been very interesting and the work you are putting into it is amazing.

Great session thank you, very thought-provoking!

Thank you very interesting and humbled by the fantastic work you are all doing to support health and wellbeing locally.


If you weren’t able to join the session, you can still watch the full discussion.  

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