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In March 2022, we held a live webinar panel session sponsored by Kings Fund exploring the latest on telemedicine and how it’s being used to redesign pathways. A staggering 1,448 people registered to watch, so if you missed it, this event will now be available on-demand.

The hour-long panel session held live on 9 March 2022 featured national, local delivery and patient views on some of the projects piloting virtual dermatology services and pathway redesign as part of the national teledermatology investment programme. 

There's still time to watch

If you missed it, fear not, there’s still time to hear the full discussion. The event will be available on-demand for another month

Local solutions

The session explored how national investment has supported regions to develop their virtual dermatology offers and how different parts of the system prioritise, implement and track different innovations to meet their local needs and improve outcomes.  

Panellists considered the opportunities this funding has given to innovate clinical delivery and the impact on patients. Technology has enabled changes around the flow of information – not only between patient and clinician but also among staff working in different parts of the system – this helps to ensure patients can access care from the right person in the right place at the right time. 

A knowledgeable panel

Panellists from different sectors involved in the dermatology pathway, from the patient view through to national direction, ensured a rich discussion and thorough exploration. 

  • Joni Jabbal, Senior Researcher, The King’s Fund (chair) 
  • Maxine Bowen-Hall, Programme Manager – Digital, NHS South, Central and West  
  • Dr James Halpern, Consultant Dermatologist and Clinical Director Dermatology, Walsall Healthcare NHS Trust & The Royal Wolverhampton NHS Trust
  • Inara Khan, Deputy Director for Digital Elective Care, NHSEI/NHSE&I 
  • Christopher McIlveen, Patient & Public Voice Partner for NHS England Transformation Directorate
  • Dr Tracey O’Shea, Dermatology Service Clinical Lead, SDSmyhealthcare

Feedback from attendees included:

 'A very thorough exploration of a high-volume pathway that has been ripe for transformation for some time.'

'Very informative and easy to understand and relate to. Gave me a broad understanding of what is being worked on and how we can collaborate to improve service access for patients.'

The discussion and Q&A session provided an opportunity to share how experiences and lessons from dermatology offer wider learning across the NHS to continue empowering patients and supporting clinicians to create patient-centred care, leading to improved health outcomes.  

Remember, there’s still time to catch up. Register now for ‘Using digital technology to transform care pathways

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