SCW at ConfedExpo 22

This year’s NHS ConfedExpo conference and exhibition was held on 15-16 June 2022 at the ACC in Liverpool with delegates attending in person for the first time in three years. Colleagues across the health and care sector gathered to discuss current topics and challenges and catch up with friends and teammates both old and new.

We led several interactive sessions where experienced practitioners explored, debated, and shared their learning on some pressing topics and challenges in health and care today in our SCW Live Lounge at the stand.

Our themes for the stand linked to those of the conference. For more information on how we can help you in each area visit:  

Missed some sessions?

If you weren’t able to attend on the day or would like to catch up on some parts again, the links to each session video are below:

  1. Structuring recovery programmes for success
    How what we learned about delivering change at pace and scale during the vaccination programme, in the most challenging and dynamic environment, can help drive sustainable improvement in recovery.  


    Mark Angus, PMO Director, Covid-19 Vaccines Deployment Programme
    Ben Krempel, Programme Director (Transformation), NHS SCW

  2. The Power of Prehab: Improving Cancer Patient Outcomes
    Explore how the Greater Manchester Prehab4Cancer programme supports patients with certain cancers to become more activated and involved in their care leading to positive impacts.


    Sarah Warren, Associate Director - Care Navigation, NHS SCW
    Laura Tully, Deputy Director - Clinical Quality Support Services, NHS SCW

  3. How we developed the strategic vision for our ICS
    Bath, North East Somerset, Swindon and Wiltshire ICS share their journey to develop a system-level strategic vision for health and care.

    Richard Smale, Executive Director of Strategy & Transformation, BSW Together ICS    
    Geoff Underwood, Programme Director, NHS SCW

  4. Optimising workforce planning beyond the spreadsheet - how to do it differently
    How do you move beyond ‘traditional’ approaches to workforce planning and put people at the centre of your workforce planning, strategy and delivery?  

    Sarah Reed, Associate Director - Workforce, NHS SCW
    Sam Stone, Workforce Programme Manager, NHS SCW

  5. Creating retention and engagement approaches your workforce value
    How do you use insights and data to create plans that deal with the multiple strands and themes that can inform and retain your workforce?

    Elspeth Griffiths, Director of HR, Workforce and OD, NHS SCW

  6. Working collaboratively to improve local CYP mental health services
    Collaborating to understand your challenges, develop tailor-made solutions and deliver efficiencies that improve mental health services.


    Jennifer Logan, Programme Manager – Mental Health, NHS SCW
    Rebecca Hodge, Clinical Services Programme Lead: Mental Health, NHS SCW

  7. How is OD enabling everyday conversations to transform complex systems?
    If your organisation isn’t a thing but a story inside people’s heads, how can you disrupt these stories to enable people to lead change themselves using dialogic OD?


    Katie Bowden, Transformation Director - Workforce and Organisational Development, NHS SCW
    David Benson, OD Programme Director – consultancy, NHS SCW

  8. Discover how Core20Plus Connectors are targeting health inequalities
    Hear the latest about how the Connectors programme is taking shape under the Core20Plus5 push to reduce healthcare inequalities with community-based action

    Mary Hill, Head of Policy: Healthcare Inequalities Improvement, NHS England
    Charles Kwaku-Odoi, Chief Officer, Caribbean and African Health Network
    Sarah Sweeney, Head of Policy, National Voices
    Merron Simpson, Chief Executive Officer, The Health Creation Alliance


    Tom de Pass, Director of Marketing and Communications, NHS SCW 


What an amazing two days at ConfedExpo 22. It was great to be able to share examples of how we can continue to play a vital role in supporting health and social care at all levels in the future. Thank you all for the support and looking forward to next year - Vanessa McClenaghan, Head of Marketing and Events 

We’d be delighted to talk further about any of these topics, so please do let us know if you weren’t able to catch us at ConfedExpo and would like to book an exploratory conversation.



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