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We’re taking part in a series of regional roadshows hosted by Public Policy Projects and the Integrated Care Journal. Each event will bring together health and care system leaders along with key stakeholders to debate the challenges and opportunities that integrated care creates for their localities.

We recently spoke at:

London ICS roadshow, 1 November 2022 
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We'll be speaking at:

Bristol ICS roadshow, 29 November 2022
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Panel sessions

Getting a seat at the table: links with social care, primary care and wider community services
With ICSs taking up statutory footing, there is a need to ensure the new bodies represent a ‘partnership of equals’ between different parts of the sector. But how exactly will ICSs ensure primary care and social care are adequately represented?

Data sharing in health: a duty of care?
How are ICSs implementing their digital and data strategies? The government has now published its long-awaited Data Saves Lives strategy, but are ICSs truly empowered to turn this vision into reality? 

Prevention, early access and health inequalities
This session will examine how the facilitation of early access to treatments and therapies will improve patient health outcomes and help tackle the health inequalities that currently exist. Prevention, self-care and early intervention are as important to integration as the coordination of health and social care services.

Defining the metrics of success
How will ICSs be judged as a success and how could this differ across the country? The metrics by which ICSs will be judged are still up for debate. What is certain is that this period of system transformation must culminate in impactful and continual service transformation.

To give you a flavour of our work:
Preventing people from getting ill
Supporting the transformation and development of workforces
Helping tackle the elective backlog
Improving care quality and enabling better outcomes for all
Enabling better value through operational efficiencies 
Helping reduce carbon footprints and increase social value

For more information on our support for ICSs, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


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