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Business continuity

Enabling you to continue operations in an emergency by mitigating impacts on business and public reputation.

We understand the level of strategic, operational, and financial risk associated with a business interruption. Our business continuity plan support is focused on ensuring mechanisms are in place to enable you to maintain performance at strategic, operational, and tactical levels. We help with the following:  

Business continuity planning

Business continuity plans are an important step to ensuring the resilience of any business. Our planning process ensures response and recovery arrangements are in place so that operations can continue in the event of a disruptive incident. Continuity plans aim to mitigate the impacts on operations and reputation in line with your corporate business plan objectives. 

Reporting and alerts

We ensure you have a managed process to report any business continuity incident that may impact service through a message system that promptly alerts the relevant individuals. The provision of a business continuity portal offers a secure location to access updates on any incident. 

Business impact analysis

Together we agree on your priorities, standards, and business continuity plan response, including any appropriate early warning indicators.  These prioritised activities also take account of the maximum tolerable period of disruption and set recovery time objectives. The results are incorporated within service line business continuity plans as required. 

Training and Exercising

We ensure that service line business continuity plans and business impact analyses are kept up to date. All roles and responsibilities required in the plans are allocated, trained, and practised.

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