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Child Health Information Services (CHIS)

Child Health Information Services (CHIS) is an NHS-commissioned service that is responsible for collating data from healthcare professionals for children aged 0-19 in a specified area, into a single child health record.

Our Child Health Information Service ensures that children receive appointments at the correct age for NHS immunisation and screening programmes. 

  • CHIS works with maternity units, general practices, health visitors, school nurses and local authorities to monitor and improve uptake of national childhood screening and immunisation programmes.
  • We notify health visitors of all new births and of children who have moved into their area and ensure all babies have received their newborn screening.
  • CHIS also ensures that children aged between 0-5 years receive appointments at the correct age for NHS routine childhood immunisations and we monitor that school-aged children have had the immunisations they are due. 

The data we record is gathered from a range of sources including midwives, health visitors, school nurses, and GPs. 

SCW deliver CHIS in the following areas:

Bath and North East Somerset (BaNES) Berkshire
Buckinghamshire Cheshire
Gloucestershire Halton
Knowsley Liverpool
Oxfordshire St Helens
Swindon Warrington
Wiltshire        Wirral


SCW CHIS service plays a critical role in immunisation scheduling and health visitor appointments. We send out letters to parents, and record and monitor NHS public health programmes. We help with the following: 

Operational service delivery

  • Antenatal and birth
    • New births notification
    • GP 6-8 week check
    • The outcomes of the five Health Visitor Healthy child Programme Universal contacts

  • Newborn screening
    • Bloodspot screening;
    • Hearing screening;
    • Newborn & Infant Physical Examination (NIPE)

  • Childhood immunisations
    • Call and recall of routine and targeted immunisations for all children
    • Selective Hepatitis B programme (where appropriate)
    • Neonatal BCG vaccination (where appropriate)
    • HPV status uploaded to open Exeter

  • Population failsafe function
    • o Knowing where every child is
    • o Every child is offered appropriate screening and immunisation interventions
    • o 0-19-year-old population management – tracking movers in and out

  • Commissioner and provider support
    • Targeted improvement of immunisation coverage
    • Support to local Safeguarding Teams
    • Support urgent remediation action following notification of outbreaks
    • Facilitating targeted interventions
    • Evaluate outcomes of targeted interventions

  • Analytics team
    • Our integrated Analytics team comprises skilled data analysts and data warehouse developers who work closely with the Operational teams to introduce highly efficient automated processes and to provide information that drives the improvement of data quality. In addition to internal reports, the use of various reporting methods facilitates the provision of a wide range of datasets and analyses for our customers and stakeholders.
    • Data Flows
    • Vaccination and screening data received from 0-19 healthcare providers are validated and uploaded to the Child Health Information System
    • Automated reports of new births and changes to demographic details are sent to Health Visitor colleagues
    • Provision of school admissions and vaccination data to School Immunisation providers
    • Regular lists of unimmunised children sent to GP practices
    • Newborn Hearing Screening failsafe provided to screening colleagues
    • Reports & Analyses
    • Quarterly Performance KPIs
    • Statutory COVER submission and accompanying COVER dashboard
    • Monthly Immunisation Uptake trend analyses aggregated at GP-, PCN-, CCG- and Local Authority-level
    • Monthly reports assessing the impact of COVID-19 on immunisation uptake

  • Consultancy
    • Reporting and analytics
    • Mobilisation and transformation
    • Programme Management
    • Modelling data flow health pathways
    • Digital transforming child health information
    • Information Sharing Agreements and Privacy Impact Assessment
    • Rescue and turnaround of operational CHIS 

Improving Immunisation Uptake – SCW CHIS includes a specialist team offering support, the Improving Immunisation Uptake Team

For more information on our Child Health Information Services please contact SCW CHIS Director, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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