Contracting and system governance

NHS legislative and policy changes are placing increasing responsibility on systems to support place-based joint working between the NHS, local government, community health services, and other partners such as the voluntary and community sector.

ICS’s will be operating towards a more collective approach to managing system resources and financial governance, set within a context that will also see a re-balancing of the focus on competition, the simplifying of procurement rules and the enabling of collaborative commissioning between NHS bodies. 

SCW offer solutions to support a strengthened integrated model of robust contracting and system governance which enables all parties to appropriately manage the needs of maturing system(s) and partnership working; whilst driving out efficiencies and supporting emerging place-based requirements.

Acting as an independent system integrator and trusted party, our experts will enable: 

  • A shifting focus to wider collaboration, underpinned by innovative contract forms
  • Alignment and assurance of system funding flows, underpinned by robust analytics and reporting
  • Facilitated, productive joint working across all system partners
  • Support for Systems with collaborative approaches required to deliver a shared incentives model, with an emphasis on shared system priorities, performance, and outcomes
  • Leverage of our scale to access specialist knowledge and capabilities, sharing our experiences and innovation from our extensive footprint.

In particular, SCW has extensive experience in identifying aligned incentives that can inform approaches to outcome-based governance frameworks underpinned by Alliance, Provider Collaborative and Primary Care contracts.

Our work to drive the development and coordination of integrated system narratives provides meaningful, actionable insights; informing decision-making built upon a trusted single system view, robust evidence, and predictive modelling to drive improvements. 

As a strong NHS partner with established relationships and networks, our teams also contribute expertise to national forums, workshops and consultations, sharing best practice and working closely with regional experts who are engaged in national programmes.

For more information on our contracting and system governance please email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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