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Digital intelligence

Digital Intelligence provides insights using powerful pre-built data models that are delivered in fully scalable enterprise reports.

The consistent, scalable reporting format enables you to make data-driven business decisions using the unique data and insight provided. You can access your data in an accessible, visual form using the enterprise reporting and self-service options. This equips you with the insight to support well-informed decisions and ultimately deliver better outcomes for patients. 

The Digital Intelligence team specialises in pre-built enterprise reporting, creating reports that allow users to draw insights, delivered in conjunction with SCW’s Data Management Services. Typically, customers will receive detailed analysis in the form of standardised reports. These reports now illustrate critical data trends, rather than just providing the raw data, delivering intelligence without the need for further analysis. This frees analysts to carry out more in-depth investigations to understand what the trends mean rather than just processing data. The automated processing of reports ensures accuracy and eliminates unnecessary intervention giving users access to their data in a consistent, visual, and transparent form.  

How Digital Intelligence can help you

Enterprise report development

Enterprise reporting technology provides access to a self-service data model that provides standardised data. The reporting process incorporates the collection, measurement, analysis, visualisation, and interpretation of your digital data. Your analysts now have increased capacity and capability to tell the story behind your data, adding narrative and explanation to support decision-making.

Data integration and engagement

Our digital intelligence experts work with you to support the delivery of data initiatives and projects using a set process:

  • Initial scoping and coordination,
  • Gathering your functional and technical requirements
  • Delivery of associated engagement and coordination with stakeholders.

Change and release

Governance of any intelligence programme is key to successful delivery. This includes the responsibility for overarching specification sign-off and leading on user acceptance testing (UAT). A change and release procedure ensures adherence to agreed criteria required to progress a programme and any prioritisation. Key areas of support include management of processes, stakeholder engagement for development specifications, communication planning, and training prior to product handover – offering a full-service wrapper to any product delivery.

Why work with SCW

Digital Intelligence offers the following benefits for customers:

  • Automation of transactional reports that require ongoing manual resource draw, releasing efficiencies for reinvestment. 
  • Standardisation of reports and products under a singular visual framework for ease of use.
  • Holistic approach to report generation enabling ‘joined up’ analysis.
  • Realising the capacity of talented resources to conduct high-value analysis which improves service delivery and outcomes for patients.
  • Improved consistency through standardised reporting and tools leads to a single version of the truth, both in terms of interpretation and data across the system.
  • To better support our customers, Digital Intelligence maximises the articulation of information and supports the provision of essential insight via narrative data storytelling as part of our Business Intelligence service.


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